Arctic Sea Ice 2011 – August 2011

The annual arctic melt season is nearing its end. When we last left the polar ice cap in July, it was suffering from some record-breaking melt but was showing signs of a slow-down. A lot has happened since then. The slow-down continued strongly into the first-half of August, and it looked like the ice cap might end up better off than the last two years. But sure enough the melt picked up again, and right now the north pole has more ice than the still record-low year of 2007, but less ice than the years that followed. Unless it slows some more in the final weeks, we can expect to see headlines about the second-lowest-ever ice extent for the Arctic. Graph snapshot from IJIS:

2011-ijis-arctic-ice-augustAnd here is my personal year-over-year comparison graph:


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