The Intersection of Christianity and Evolution

“Are you for us or for our enemies?” “Neither.” – Joshua 5 Over the last year or so, I have been coming across a variety of material by Christians who believe in evolution – a blog here, a book there, a podcast yonder. The prevalence, depth, and diversity of such views are greater than I previously realized. While there is much that I disagree with, I have enjoyed seeing how their sincerity and rationality undermine many of the assumptions underlying the … Continue reading

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What Does The Bible Say About The Death Penalty?

The death penalty has received much attention in 2014. A botched execution in Oklahoma earlier this year reinvigorated both sides of the debate. According to Gallup polls, support for capital punishment in the United States has fallen from around 80% in the 90′s to around 60% now. A new movement has seen its abolishment in a handful of states in the last few years, leaving 32 with legal (though often rare) executions. One of those is my home state of … Continue reading

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Stopping Teenagers From Having Sex

“If you wait to have sex until marriage, God will bring you a wonderful Christian husband and you’ll get married and live happily ever after” Variations of this theme are commonly preached in Christian youth circles. There has recently been circulation of writings by some who embraced such promises and spent years unpacking sexual guilt and dissatisfaction. There is a fundamental problem with this line of thinking. It is Christians attempting to argue against the world’s view of sexual morals … Continue reading

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Love Disarms

Love… believes all things. I am ever fascinated at the way the modern secular institution stumbles upon ancient sacred virtues and proceeds to dutifully dissect them. Last month The Atlantic published a wonderful piece about psychology’s attempts to understand successful marriages and conclusions about the remarkable importance of kindness and generosity. The piece primarily focuses on John and Julie Gottman’s research, which includes some great practical analysis about responding to “bids”: Throughout the day, partners would make requests for connection, what Gottman … Continue reading

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Exemplar Creation: A Stunning New Interpretation of Genesis

“Prior to writing this book I was a young-Earth creationist.” So writes J. Gene White in his book The Real Genesis Creation Story as he builds his audacious case that the earliest chapters of the Bible have been mistranslated for over two thousand years. White is a Christian who became increasingly troubled by traditional evangelical explanations for the scientific evidence of an old Earth, yet he was also troubled by attempts to accommodate this evidence by interpreting the Creation account more … Continue reading

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The Skyscraper Fallacy

I commonly see a criticism of intelligent design that appears to betray a fundamental misunderstanding or even a total ignorance of what is posited by irreducible complexity. I see this straw man fallacy used so often in this context that I am going to presumptuously attempt to canonically identify it as the Skyscraper Fallacy. Here is a good example of the Skyscraper Fallacy, or at least the most recent example I stumbled upon, prompting this post: 3. You think macroevolution … Continue reading

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World Vision: In With The Outrage

Sigh. Here we go again. Barely three months after the Duck Dynasty uproar, evangelical Christians have sparked a new round of homosexual outrage – except this time, we’re mostly fighting each other, with knee-jerk reactions to partial truths cascading shamefully across the Internet. I’ve been watching things unfold, reading as many statements from as many viewpoints as possible, and I believe the complete story discredits some of the outrage on both sides. This is my attempt to explain things as … Continue reading

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When Science Isn’t As Convincing Or As Open-Minded As It Appears


I could probably write more than anyone would want to read about the debate earlier this month between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, but I want to focus on some potentially dangerous misconceptions Nye may have given people about science. First, I will claim that some of Nye’s claims were not as convincing as they appeared. Second, I will claim that Nye might not be as open-minded as he appeared, either. Not As Convincing Nye pointed to a tree that … Continue reading

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Why We Stopped Watching The Superbowl

I used to love the NFL. I could list all the teams and their starting players in key positions. I could explain most of the rules and penalties. I would wear my secondhand jerseys on game days and devour the Sunday noon, Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening, and Monday night games. I made custom spreadsheets for my fantasy football teams. I could rattle off statistics about the undefeated ’72 Dolphins or the current league leaders in rushing yards or passing touchdowns. … Continue reading

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3 Questions For Christians Outraged About The Whole Duck Dynasty Thing

My heart yearns to increase balance, unity, and understanding within the body of Christ, so I’ve been less interested in the Phil Robertson / GQ ‘controversy’ itself and more interested in the reactions of people to the controversy. I’ve been reading the various posts and opinions that have been pouring through my social media feeds, and I think I’ve finally boiled my response down to three questions. 1. Why do we care more about Phil Robertson’s persecution than the shootings … Continue reading

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