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Soft Surroundings (my day job as a programmer for clothing and decor site)

Exercise Equipment Parts (my previous day job as a programmer for this fitness equipment supply site)

Postlibertarian: An attempt at reasonable political commentary

RAAM Documentary (a site for Team 409: Oceanside to Annapolis, my wife's 90-minute original documentary about four old cyclists on a 3000-mile mission to reclaim their record in a cross-country bike race)


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Hello. My name is Joshua Hedlund. I'm a web developer, and I know a few things about HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, SEO, Microsoft servers, Linux servers, and other things involving 1's and 0's. I do consulting and other technological projects for $50/hr. You can email me here: joshedlund [at] gmail [dot] com.

I also like to write sometimes about music, technology, economics, travel, and more. This website contains or links to various writings of code and words I have produced over the years. Thanks for visiting.

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Recent Freelance Projects:
KF Custom Lawns
Fresh Harvest Ministries

Random Projects:
Climate Nerd - experimenting with crawling and graphing climate data 2012 US Election Map - experimenting with SVGs and d3.js
SongScholar - a database to track Bible references in songs